Question#1: can i do any thick plating thickness for any wire?

Answer: Normally big wire silver or nickel plating thickness can go thick, small wire silver & tin plating thickness is thinner than big wire, so different size wire plating thickness is different, it is depend on actual requirements and our factory production capability.

Question#2: is silver & tin plating rohs compliance?

Answer: Yes

Question#3: can you provide different hardness alloy wire for us?

Answer: Yes, these wire have full hard, 1/2 hard and soft three type, customer can select different hardness wire as per their requirements.

Question#4: what is the difference between silver and tin coating for using?

Answer: silver coating is for high temperature using, tin coating is for low temperature ( lower than 200C.Degree, more than 200C.Degree using will cause tin coating thickness go oxidation or melt. Silver coating cost is much higher than tin coating one.

Question#5: what is the sliver & tin plating method?

Answer: all our wires were plated with electroplating method, not dipping coating. Normally dipping coating plating layer thickness is around 0.3um, electroplating layer thickness is more and can do as per customer requirements.


Question#1: can i use tin coating conductor for PTFE WIRE?

Answer: No, the reason is PTFE extrusion temperature is more than 300C.Degree, if conductor is tin coating, it will cause tin coating layer oxidation and go black or melt. So ptfe wire must use silver coating or nickel coating conductor.

Question#2: what is the difference for different type Teflon wire?

Answer: it was divided into FEP, PFA, ETFE, PTFE etc, FEP wire can work at 200C.Degree long time, pfa can work at 250C.Degree long time, ETFE wire can work at 150C.Degree long time, PTFE can work at 260C.Degree long time.

Question#3: what is etching process for PTFE wire?

Answer: as ptfe itself characteristics cause ptfe extrusion wire surface is smooth, it is not good for any bonding to ptfe wire, etching process is making the ptfe surface rough and good for bonding.

Question#4: can you do big size PTFE wire?

Answer: Yes, the biggest size ptfe wire we can do is awg12.

Question#5: what kind of conductor for PTFE wire you can provide?

Answer: normally is silver plated nickel, silver plated copper, pure nickel, nickel plated copper. Silver plated is good for soldering, nickel plated is poor for soldering, especially for single strand conductor wire.

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